DeepSales Raises $2 Million USD in Pre-A Investment Round

Grand News Network | July 6, 2024

Seoul, South Korea, 6th Jul 2024 - DeepSales, under the leadership of CEO Jeremy Kim, has successfully raised $2 million USD in its Pre-A series investment round, with significant contributions from Yes24, Woori Technology Investment, and JL Partners. This latest influx of capital marks a critical milestone for the company, boosting its total cumulative funding to an impressive $3.5 million USD. DeepSales' success, achieved within just two years of its inception in a challenging venture capital environment, highlights its potential as a future AI unicorn.

DeepSales Raises  Million USD in Pre-A Investment Round

Yoojeong Kim, CEO of JL Partners, led the investment, highlighting DeepSales' innovative use of deep learning to analyze traditional data and identify high-potential prospects in real-time as key factors in their decision. She also noted the company's proven scalability in the global market as a compelling reason for their investment.

Founded in November 2021, DeepSales leverages advanced artificial intelligence to identify high-probability prospects, providing invaluable insights to sales teams. By efficiently organizing global sales data and facilitating inter-business transactions, DeepSales enables sales representatives to swiftly identify and close deals with potential buyers.

Among its notable achievements, DeepSales has served as a data provider for government-initiated programs such as the Cloud Voucher Program and Data Voucher Program, and has been involved in urea procurement and collaboration with New York Fashion Week. The company has maintained profitability since its founding, with first-quarter revenue in 2024 doubling compared to the previous year, and a service retention rate exceeding 70%. With a global client base of over 450 companies and international revenue accounting for 15% of total revenue, DeepSales continues to exhibit strong growth and market penetration worldwide.

Jeremy Kim plans to utilize the recent investment to elevate the company into a globally recognized startup with unique technological advantages. He reaffirmed DeepSales' dedication to offering optimal prospecting solutions to sales professionals globally, solidifying their competitive edge in the international market.

About DeepSales:

 DeepSales is a lead generation company transforming the sales sector. With a recent 2 million dollar Pre-A series investment, total funding has now reached 3.5 million dollars. Founded in November 2021, DeepSales specializes in AI technology that identifies high-probability prospects for sales teams around the world. For more information, visit DeepSales’ official website: DeepSales today.

DeepSales has recently identified errors in the information provided in their previous press release dated July 2nd. These inaccuracies have now been corrected in this release.

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