College Campuses All Over the US are Celebrating Formal Builder’s New VIP Sponsorship Program

Grand News Network | June 19, 2024

A game-changing VIP program is infusing fraternity formals with exclusive benefits and personalized service to cultivate memorable events.

United States, 19th Jun 2024, King NewsWireNot every college or university campus includes premium-level facilities for fraternity and sorority formals. Even when such a venue does exist, scheduling events is often challenging due to fundraising, alumni, and other student organization needs. 

Formal Builder, the leader in fraternity formal event planning, is redefining this need through its brand-new VIP sponsorship program. Qualifying fraternities with over 75 current members will gain incredible access to exclusive venues and organizing benefits that ensure this year’s Greek Life formals will be worthy of your college’s reputation. 

“I’ve been fortunate in my history with Greek Life,” says Formal Builder CEO and Founder Michael Olivas. “Announcing this VIP program allows our company to pass on that luck to all fraternities nationwide. The networking and friendships solidified by a rewarding formal experience will infuse college campuses with the active alumni and donations they need to continue missions of educational excellence.” 

The way the VIP sponsorship program works is simple. Eligible fraternities apply online at Once received, the experienced staff at Formal Builder notify executive members of selected chapters and unlock a wealth of exclusive benefits. VIP chapters will gain full use of the Formal Builder platform, up to $5,000 in hookups, zero-down formal deposits, free formals, letters of recommendations, and even room upgrades. 

To learn more about how fraternities can expand the potential formal venues beyond their college campus footprints, visit Formal Builder online. One application may be all it takes to transform this year’s Greek Life activities and boost the visibility and marketing of campuses for years to come. 

About Formal Builder 

Founded in 2010, Formal Builder has been the #1 choice for fraternity and sorority formal planning. With an unending commitment to client satisfaction and a personal understanding of all Greek life has to offer, it is the perfect platform for cultivating lasting memories through effortless fraternity and sorority event organizing. Learn more by visiting

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